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Title: “Your Saving Grace: The Top 10 Wedding Mistakes To Avoid”


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"wedding mistakes"As the team who is part of more weddings than we can count, we are your wedding resource! As a result, we are continuing our wedding blog trend with some more popular wedding topics. Everyone engaged or considered becoming married will undoubtedly do their homework on what to do, plan, rent, and secure for your wedding. Equally important are the mistakes to avoid. In this blog, we’re going to cover the top 10 wedding mistakes to avoid.

There is a SLEW of things to watch out for when planning a wedding as well as on your actual wedding day. In addition to reading our many blogs on wedding experiences, make sure you do your own research! Below is a list of critical mistakes to avoid both before and during your big wedding day.

Pre-Wedding Mistake #1: The Budget

The excitement can run rampant between you and your spouse and even your families. When opportunities arise, it can be tempting to jump on them. We’re talking about booking a vendor ahead of time, due to a strict timeline, a great price or some other sort of urgency. Don’t fall trap to it without a budget. Jumping the gun on one vendor or wedding essential could impact the other essential. Believe us because we’ve seen it before, many times. The first thing you should do is establish a budget and stick to it to ensure everything falls within your pre-determined wedding funds.That way, no one part is overpowering the others and the ceremony is well-rounded through and through.

Pre-Wedding Mistake #2: Hiring Friends, Not Pros

Speaking of vendors, who you pick will make a difference. Our advice is to save up more money to make every penny that goes out to your vendors count. Friends may be great to hire in order to save a few bucks, but is it worth it in the end? Your friends should be free of obligation to enjoy your wedding instead of working during the ceremony and/or reception.

Pre-Wedding Mistake #3: Premature Invitations

This could prove to be one of the more crucial mistakes to avoid. Right after finalizing the budget, you should create the guest list. A common problem with the guest list is finding the right number. It means putting a definitive line between invited guests and uninvited guests. Of course, you don’t want to offend some people, but at the end of the day, it is your wedding and your budget. Once you create the guest list and stand by it, only then should you send out invitations. Don’t send out invitations too early in case you have to subtract or add to your guest list. Know that that perfect number can easily change, even after you consider it finalized.

Pre-Wedding Mistake #4: Ignoring The Details

Life throws us curveballs. Things change. People change. Food and menus can change based on seasons or other unforeseen circumstances. When you hire a vendor—any vendor—ensure all the details are included and both parties sign on the dotted line. Having something in writing for your safety ensures you have peace of mind if anything goes wrong.

Pre-Wedding Mistake #5: Lack Of Inclement Weather Plans

Of course, this potential mistake only applies to outdoor wedding ceremonies. Clouds could symbolize a tragedy during an outdoor wedding. Rain could easily ruin an outdoor event so be smart. Plan ahead and have a secondary plan in case of inclement weather. Our best advice here would be to speak with your venue contacts about all outcomes during that initial meeting. Chances are, you won’t be the first couple to be cautious of things going wrong during your big day. See what their terms are regarding plan B’s and deposits.

Wedding Day Mistake #1: No Videography

Let’s be honest: professional pictures and even photo booth photos like ours will only go so far. We hope you and your spouse don’t skimp on a wedding videographer only to have regrets later on. Consider the fact that having wedding video will be like reliving your wedding day over and over. Is a one-time purchase going to be worth it for a lifetime of memories? We absolutely think so!

Wedding Day Mistake #2: Excessive Management

Yes, you paid a lot of money to make everything fall into place on your special day. The stress and pressure of perfection can make the most introverted person turn into a micromanager. Don’t let that be you. Let your vendors breathe; there’s no need to micromanage them. The best way to achieve peace of mind with your vendors is to communicate often and from the start.

Wedding Day Mistake #3: Having A Microphone Free-For-All

Everyone loves toasts, wedding speeches, and stories. However, like the budget and guest list, they need to be kept in line. Too many interruptions can disrupt the flow of the reception. Make sure you plan out who will speak and for how long. The speech itself doesn’t need to be rehearsed, especially if it’s a surprise to members of the wedding party and/or the guests.

Wedding Day Mistake #4: Express Photography

If and when things get hectic, rushing through important parts will only make matters worse. Make sure that doesn’t happen with the official photography. Headshots and other professional photography do not come out as a result of the first handful of images. It takes time for the subjects to shake off their nerves and relax and for the genuine smiles to show themselves. You can’t re-do official wedding photos; make the first and only time count!

Wedding Day Mistake #5: Pleasing Every Single Person

The pressure is on. It’s your day; you and your spouse will be in the spotlight and camera-ready all day long. You can only do so much with your time and money. One thing you can definitely let go is trying to please everyone. Aim to please the majority of your guests, rather than everyone. Worrying about everyone’s happiness will suck the joy out of your day. That’s something to be avoided. Your guests’ main concerns will be food, seating, and comfort.

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