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Title: “Your Full Wedding Timeline And Major Milestones”


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Everyone who has gotten married will tell you about how fast the entire process goes. It’s like a flash before your eyes only instead of one flash, it’s hundreds of flashes from the cameras. Make sure you do get a piece of your own wedding cake too. We’ve heard that some brides and grooms have missed out on their own cake—how awful! In this blog, we will be providing you an in-depth look at the average wedding timeline from the time of engagement down to the special day and afterward. There are several important milestones and noteworthy opportunities to make sure you do not miss!

Congratulations, You’re Engaged!

He did it; he got down on one knee and asked for your delicate hand in marriage! If done and planned right, it’s always a bold step for any man to take. Still, you said yes and now that you’ve solidified your love for one another, it’s time to start planning! We all know that most women begin planning their magical wedding from an early age. Things change over time so stay open-minded as you start your journey forward with your future husband.

Right now, what you should be doing is celebrating and sharing the news with everyone you love and care about! Before things get hot and heavy with planning and timing, take your ring to get properly sized. Depending on what time of year you’ll be getting married, you can take your time and browse for more ideas and inspiration. If you have a certain date in mind, consider going forward with your planning.

(At Least) One Year Out From Your Wedding …

Our timeline will be averaged to accommodate most people’s timelines. We feel the average wedding happens between 12 and 18 months from the time of engagement. Therefore, we’ll narrow this timeline to a year prior to your wedding for ease.

One year out is when you and your fiancée should decide on a wedding budget and stick to it. Nothing throws a wrench in the works like drastically ballooning or shrinking a wedding budget during the planning stages.

In the beginning is when the number of guests makes an appearance. Each guest and seat adds a great deal of preparation and money to your bottom line, so choose wisely.

Picking the proper theme with colors this far out is a smart idea. You’re buying yourself time in case any changes arise or speedbumps come along. What colors and textures define you and your future spouse best? Make a list and narrow the options down together.

Another thing you should do as early as possible is schedule and confirm your wedding date. As soon as you have this down, it’ll be the foundation for the rest of your planning. This will help when you give the date to your bridal salon, reception venue, caterer, entertainer, photographer and just about everyone else involved in your wedding! Be sure to secure your Foto Box Live photo booth rental as well! That way, every major vendor can block out their calendars for you.

Start scouting wedding dress ideas or if you started planning at a young age, grab those ideas pronto. Research who has your style of dress and plan a WEEKday to try some on. Speaking of research, also plan another WEEKday or two to check out venues in person with a trusted relative or best friend.

If you have a photographer secured already, schedule your engagement photos now. Don’t wait to schedule any photo opportunities because schedules fill up quickly.

With Nine Months To Go …

We know it’s hard to pop your question, but it’s important to get out of the way. Which of your closest girlfriends will be your lucky maid of honor?

Perhaps you and your maid of honor can go together to pick out your wedding dress! Of course, it’ll take time to narrow down options, but with help, it’ll be more enjoyable.

Figure out what colors you want to base your special day around. It’s at this point, you’ll configure everything from dresses to makeup, linens, and centerpieces to decor and food. Speaking of food, the cake is part of your theme too. It should reflect you and your future spouse.

This blog has run a little long so we’re going to split it into several parts. Stay tuned next week for the second part of this blog. We’ll pick up our next blog at eight months out from your wedding day. Keep that pen and paper nearby for notes!

"wedding"As we continue our blog series from last week, we are covering the major milestones of your upcoming wedding. Last week we started out when you got engaged and ended on the nine-month mark. Now, we’ll pick up at eight months out … enjoy part two!

Nine Months Away …

Have your cake and eat it too. At nine months out is a smart time to pick your wedding cake or at least start the tasting process. Make sure you incorporate colors into your cake if you want it to accent your wedding’s theme.

With your theme and colors in place, apply the color to your bridesmaids’ dresses. Set a day and time to get the bridal party together to try on dresses that compliment your wedding dress. Here’s some food for thought: a hint of the right color will set off your dress!

Gifts galore! By now, the most critical parts are solidified. It’s time to move onto gifts by creating your gift registry. Be courteous and give all your guests time to plan ahead for your gifts.

The final step in your nine-month mark is your officiant. Book him or her. However, if you don’t have one, we recommend asking for recommendations and meeting with them.

Eight Months Away …

Let’s change focus and turn to media at eight months away. It’s time to book your videographer, photographer, ANDyour Foto Box Live photo booth! (Mention this blog when booking and receive a FREE VIDEO of all your photo booth photos, valued at $150!) Each vendor is important and will capture various moments of the day in different ways. The videographer will get a video reel of the ceremony and reception. The photographer will be there to capture the highlights throughout the day from makeup until the cake is cut. And … a Foto Box Live photo booth is for everyone! Just make sure it comes with props. Rest assured, all our photo booth rentals do!

Fed guests are happy guests! Make sure you choose your caterer at the seventh to the eighth-month mark. While the vendors are already on your radar, lock down your DJ for the entertainment. Keep in mind some venues will have their own caterer or entertainment or both. They may also have a preferred DJ and/or caterer they work with regularly that they might recommend to you. Just ask.

At Six Months From Your Wedding …

Let’s bring a little testosterone in here to balance things out. At six months away, sit down with your future hubby and pick out a tux or suit. Of course, the groomsmen will need to match, so take care of the groom’s party in its entirety. While on the fashion route, solidify your bridesmaid dresses. Keep both your bridesmaids’ dresses and grooms’ suits or tuxedos simple. Make sure they work with the color and theme of your wedding. (From being a featured vendor at so many weddings, we really can’t stress this enough!)

You’re nailing down more and more details with every month that passes by. One of those details is transportation and we advise on not skimping out. Skimping out means using Uber or Lyft. Please don’t reserve a fleet of individual strangers to move your wedding party to and from locations. Keep things classy for your wedding parties such as a limousine or a few town cars.

Jumping back to colors for a moment, what color will your wedding invitations be? How will they be designed and mailed? Consider the many options out there and remember to include an official RSVP card. Naturally, you’ll frame one invitation as a memento. Depending on how memorable you want your union to be, you can also consider getting your engagement ring and wedding bands engraved with an important date to remember forever.

Now, picture the reception on your wedding night. It’s been one heck of a day and you’re loving life. So many memories have been made and captured and you look fabulous! Where will you be staying that night? Plan ahead six months in advance for your honeymoon suite. The next day, typically, begins your honeymoon. Plan your exotic or adventurous honeymoon early to save on travel expenses, vacancy, and avoiding high last-minute prices.

Lastly, once you and your husband’s plans are in concrete, add in your bridal party to the conversation. What about your bridal shower and bachelorette party? Your maid of honor and bridesmaids will play a big role by taking care of both of these events! Talk out what details you can before it’s too late.

Stay tuned next week for the third part of this blog. We’ll pick up our next blog at four months out from your wedding day. Keep that pen and paper nearby for notes!

"wedding list"As we continue our blog series from last week, we are covering the major milestones of your upcoming wedding day. Last week, we started out at the eight-month mark and ended right before the four-month mark. Now, we’ll pick up at four months out and continue counting down toward ‘the day of’ and the days thereafter. Enjoy part three of four of our blog!

Between 3-4 Months …

Get glamorous! Test out all makeup and hairstyles for you and your entire bridal party. Observe everything in advance in case you need to get more makeup and avoid any potential hiccups. Have your girls bring their jewelry and accessories along with your veil. Make it as authentic as possible! Speaking of bridesmaids, make sure their dresses are on order or arriving shortly. Don’t forget the flower girls’ dresses as well as your mom’s dress and your mother-in-law’s dress too. Don’t worry if alternations need to be made. You have plenty of time.

Now it’s time for your dress fitting. And know it will be your first, not your only dress fitting. Don’t forget to bring your lingerie and shoes to wear on your actual wedding day.

Wedding decorations for your ceremony and the reception are calling your name. Decorations include, but aren’t limited to a ring pillow, table numbers, your guest book, candles, flower bouquets, centerpieces, linens and more. Our team is including invitations in decor because they can be very festive and decorative. Order your invitations—plus a few extra—and mail them out. Again, the timing for your guests is important. Eight to twelve weeks away enables them to plan ahead within their work and personal schedules (and possibly purchase travel, if necessary).

Finalize the spoken words for toasts, readings, and more importantly, your wedding vows. We’ve seen old-fashioned pre-made wedding vows, while other times it’s clear the bride and groom have written their own. Speaking from the heart is much more engaging.

You can’t forget wedding party gifts and wedding favors. Be sure to thank your innermost circle—parents, bridal party, groomsmen and flower girls—with gifts. The monetary value should not matter because it’s the thought that counts. For all your guests who attend, give them something meaningful to walk away with on top of the memories and pictures.

Back to food again … it’s at this point, you’ll want to finalize the menu and number of meals with your caterer. We blogged earlier about wedding menus in that you can’t please everyone’s palettes. Special menu requests are important, though. Is there a signature drink you want to create and name for your wedding? That’ll leave a mark. The next big ticket item on your to-do list is to schedule and plan your rehearsal dinner. Run through the entire evening and make sure the toasts nor the evening runs too long.

1–2 Months Before Your Wedding Day …

Ideally, you already went to your first dress fitting. Returning to the salon this time would be the second visit (hopefully). Again, bring everything you’ll wear on your wedding day, including lingerie and shoes for that final look. Ask your brides to snap a few pictures of you for keepsakes.

Don’t forget the paperwork! At least eight weeks before your wedding, arrange for your marriage license and request certified copies. Make sure you follow all guidelines according to the state you and your fiancée live in. This is the point at which you’d change your name before official paperwork is printed. Once this step is completed, the second half is to create your wedding ceremony programs.

Incorporate your theme here with the names of your wedding party, your ceremony’s readings, and a note of thank you note to all guests. While on the topic of paperwork, take this opportunity to order all your stationery in one swoop—table numbers, place cards, menus, and napkins.

Some of these following questions will be thought-provoking:

  • How much of a host will you need to be?
  • How many guests, if any, are coming from out-of-town?
  • What can you do special for them since they’re making a longer trip to witness your loving union?
  • What activities can you provide for the children if you invited them?

Stay tuned next week for the fourth part of this blog. We’ll pick up our next blog at 1 month out from your wedding day and walk you through the final countdown. Keep that pen and paper nearby for notes!

"wedding list"As we continue our blog from last week, we’re covering the milestones counting down to your wedding day. Last week, we started out at the four-month mark and ended right before the two-month mark. Now, we’ll pick up at FOUR WEEKS out and continue counting down toward ‘the day of’ and the days thereafter. Enjoy the last blog in our wedding series!

Between 2–4 Weeks Before …

Congratulations! You’ve broken the one-month countdown. We’re in the home stretch counting down by weeks. Start off by checking in with your officiant. Examining the order of the readings will bring you an assurance that each step is covered. Next, jump on the phone with your caterer and again, confirm your guest count, entree options, and any special accommodations.

Are you including food for ALL your vendors like the videographer, photographer, and DJ? Just because one vendor may not be in the official contract, doesn’t mean they won’t get hungry. Be courteous and accommodate everyone who is there to accommodate you! After all, there is nothing worse than leaving out a vendor when everyone else is eating.

Give the caterer the official seat chart and headcount. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to share this with the venue as well. While you’ve got the phone streak going, reach out to any invitees who have not RSVP’d yet. Are they attending and if so, which entree option do they prefer? Make a list and share with the caterer.

Brainstorming time is here. If you or fiancé will be giving a speech, scribble down random thoughts or bullet points to go off of when you stand with the microphone in your hand. Practice your speech a few times in front of your bathroom mirror at home to work out any nerves.

1 Week Before Your Wedding …

Who in your bridal party is responsible and reliable? Designate her to make sure every vendor gets paid—take the smaller things off your plate. Another administrative task that could be handed off is creating a schedule for your wedding day. A short and sweet email would easily suffice to cover each event, directions to the ceremony and reception, as well as information on transportation and parking.

Confirm your transportation via the limousine or town car company. Also, confirm that any last-minute decorations and vendors are up to speed on their end. Double and triple checks never hurt either!

The Day Before 

The first thing to do on the day before your wedding is to relax. It’s also the last thing to do. Tomorrow will be hectic and emotionally draining, with love, of course. Make today your day with your girls and visit your local spa. Be sure to treat yourself to a massage. Now, what would be best for your bridal party: manicures, pedicures, massages, or a combination?

The evening of the day before should be reserved for rehearsing the ceremony and running through the rehearsal dinner. It’s always best to test things before putting them into action. Ensure everyone’s toasts run smoothly, seats are coordinated properly and there are no surprises.

On The Special Day Of …

Stop! Cherish every single moment and every detail you can. Even with the thousands of wedding photos, you’ll have in the end, it’s impossible to capture everything. Make sure there are a few moments not captured by a camera—some of the best ones will live on as memories. Often times, those moments come and go before you can get your hands on a camera. Just take a mental picture instead. With that being said, there are plenty of things to absolutely capture on camera on your wedding day.

Before you get dressed, why not snap a few candids for keepsakes? Take a few pictures of yourself dressed down, perhaps eyeing your dress while it’s hung up like a piece of art. If it’s prior to the photographer arriving, that’s even better. You’ll be able to start your own album sooner.

A great photographer will capture all types of angles, shots, and emotions in his or her work. The atypical shots, such as macro shots which are up-close and detailed, really stand out from the majority. During your wedding planning process, keep an eye out for interesting wedding photos you want to create with your photographer.

Speaking of emotions, the best photographs bring moments alive forever. The best moments are private where intimacy between you and your spouse can spark to life. During the big day, walk away from the festivities and sneak in private photos just for you and your future husband.

The Day After …

This should be a given, but enjoy your honeymoon with your new spouse! One thing to do before leaving is to deposit any monies into the bank. You’ll want to box your wedding dress for safe-keeping as well and store in a safe place. When you return is when you can look through the photos. Write thank you cards after you enjoy your romantic honeymoon.

Our ‘Thank You’ To You

As a thank you for being a fan of ours, we have a special gift for you. Click the download button below to download a PDF copy of this blog with an additional checklist for your future wedding!

As you can tell, there’s a lot of planning that goes into a wedding, which is why this is stretching into a 3rd blog! Stay tuned for next week where we count down the to-do list from two months prior down to saying “I do!”

Don’t forget to mention this blog when booking and receive a FREE VIDEO of all your photo booth photos, valued at $150!

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