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Title: “Worth More Than 1,000 Words: Picking The Right Wedding Colors”


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You know the old-fashioned saying and it is very true that “a picture is worth a thousand words.” In the world of wedding and event photography, the photographs are stronger. The meaning behind them runs deeper, which is why we say photos are worth more than 1,000 words. Wedding photos show everything from a moment in time such as people, food, entertainment, family, emotions, love, and color. In this blog, we’re going to offer more advice and ideas we have on sprucing up your wedding theme with the right colors. Solid colors can be eye-catching, and accents can really set your special day off properly. Let’s cover the major things you’ll incorporate into your future wedding colors.

Start With The Colors Of The Bridal Dresses

Of course, the bridal dresses will be a focal point—that is until the bride takes the spotlight. Bridal dresses will make an appearance sooner and it’s always an indication of what you, as the bride, will be wearing. Hopefully, by now, you have your dress picked out; you know exactly what it’s gonna look like. If not, feel free to reference our previous blog found here. Colors and shades in your wedding dress are very important. A wedding dress is an absolute centerpiece of any wedding. Take note of how white or not white your dress is. Are there any subtle or not so subtle accents of color?

Why not mix up the colors with your bridesmaids’ dresses? Alternate between two shades of one centralized color for some variety. How about giving bridesmaids their own option and whatever color they choose is your bridal party? Go for it; shake things up. After all, this is YOUR wedding and ONLY YOURS! Don’t get too crazy and offer more than one style or pattern … colors only!

The Faces

Just like the bridal dresses, your guests will be paying attention to your bridesmaids head to toe. They’ll want to know how they’re dressed to get a sense of how you’re dressed. A subtle touch of eyeliner and/or eyeshadow with your wedding’s themed colors will make your girls pop. Another thought that came to mind would be earrings. Could you and your girls pick two of the three to accent the main colors? When done right, two accents could be very tasteful. Three accents may be overkill and could take too much attention from you, and we can’t have that on your wedding day. Helpful tip: if you’re at a loss for possible accent colors when it comes to dresses or makeup, why not go with a neutral color? A subtle black or gray would go well with almost any color palette. 

The Written Words

Think about the few things that will be written on paper as part of your wedding. You’ve got a guestbook, table numbers, and a bunch of invitations. Why not have a guestbook with colors that compliment the table numbers? That way you can separate into a different color scheme for your invitations. For example: if your upcoming wedding theme colors are white and purple, order table numbers and a guestbook that both share a white/lavender mix of color. That way, your invitations could include a purple background with white accents or white background with purple designs and text. It doesn’t take long to realize the possibilities are endless. However, make sure you keep your colors in line with your budget.

The Flowers

Flowers are just as big if not bigger than dresses, in fact. They will be the centerpiece of your wedding (no pun intended). As your guests walk in, they’ll easily see how the rest of the ceremony and reception are tied together by the use of color. What better place to focus their attention than the actual centerpieces, the flowers thrown by the flower girls and the bouquet itself? We recommend keeping the flower colors to a maximum of four, including your bouquet.

The Conclusion

It never hurts to ask an expert for their advice on color schemes. If you’re going to use a wedding planner, the worries of matching and working with color are now off your plate. You and your groom-to-be should still be aware if the colors are “you.” Our team does not believe wedding colors or a wedding theme should ever be picked because it’s popular or trendy. The theme should be unique and very “you.” If you’re not going with a wedding planner, why not bounce color ideas off an interior decorator? They certainly know colors, textures, and fabrics.

Whether your wedding is simple or elaborate, Foto Box Live is your go-to vendor to capture your memories and bring more excitement to your special day. Heck, we can even assist in ensuring your colors are handled properly with our booths at your wedding. Tell us about all the colors you’ll be using. We can incorporate our booths with color to blend in seamlessly and provide the ultimate experience for you and your guests.

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