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Title: “Weddings 101: How To Keep The Wedding Memories Alive”


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"charming bride"Regardless of sex, age, career, or family, marriage will forever be one of the most important days in your life. Often times, the stress of planning and having limited time on wedding day doesn’t allow you to do everything you want. The entire Foto Box Live team wants everyone to have as much time free on the big day as possible to create memories for years to come. We don’t want any one to have regrets. Join us as we share how to keep the wedding memories alive!

It’s essential that soon-to-be married couples have a wedding that’s exciting, romantic and original. Ideally, the joyous union should incorporate both spouses’ specific styles and tastes. While having a photographer on-hand throughout the day is a MUST, there is another form of photography that should definitely be included: the wedding photo booth.

Renting a wedding-style photo booth is an excellent way to incorporate fun into a wedding. The booth can work for you when you and your spouse are off elsewhere. Let guests have a place to get goofy, pose together and laugh. When done properly, a wedding photo booth is a blast for guests. They love taking photos with props in front of wild backgrounds and usually go back for more photos with different groups of friends all night long.

Tips and Tricks For A Memorable Wedding

Get Silly And Unwind—though your wedding is very special, it can also be a stressful planning process. (We’ve heard many pros and cons about self-planning vs. working with a wedding planner. For your convenience, please read an article from another partner, Christi Winsor). After the ceremony is over, the reception is the perfect opportunity to unwind, celebrate, and party! Have a place for guests to get silly, share some laughs, and create some laid back fun. Why not a photo booth?

Have More Entertainment—sure the cake, champagne, and dancing is lovely. The more entertainment you provide at your wedding, the better off it is! We say indulge your guests on your special day. Make sure they have a wonderful and packed day along with the bridal party, groomsmen and your families!

The Guestbook—provide your guests a place to add their intimate thoughts on celebrating your special day. Keep it old school with an oversized book and a traditional pen. In today’s digital age, there’s so much technology. One way to stay original is through a handwritten guestbook, not a keyboard or iPad.

Theme It Up—Do you have a special theme for your upcoming wedding? Whether everyone shows up in country attire or your guests are invited to attend in a certain costume, get creative. Creative equals unique. Many couples will get married, but not one wedding will be the same. Be sure to catch images of all of your guests in their wedding finery too.

Who And What To Be Aware Of

As with changing times comes changing trends, both in our social lives and business. Whenever a trend grows, it brings with it the good and the bad. Be weary of shady wedding companies trying to make a buck only to make a buck. When they forego the customer experience and value, it’s time to move on. Find someone who does care about the laughs and smiles of you and your guests!

Over the years, we’ve seen it all: from photographers who cut out photo strips on a paper slicer while guests wait, to photo booths that are nothing more than a curtain on a flimsy curtain rod. Don’t risk having your wedding day ruined by using a discount wedding vendor.

What You Get When Hiring Foto Box Live For Your Wedding

We can’t speak for other rental booth companies, only our own. With a Foto Box wedding photo booth, your pictures can be customized to include a specific couples logo or special colored frame. A Foto Box Live rental includes unlimited prints, a wide selection of props, and one of our professional photo booth attendants to remain on-site. Their sole job is to ensure every guest is happy with our photography experience. Guests may keep their printed copies from the photo booth. However, the bride and groom will also receive the digital copies of the photos to enjoy later on. The photographs may surprise you later as if you never knew they were taken during the reception!

From the Ceremony to the Reception to the Memories

Our team has covered countless weddings since we started out in business. Many times, the reception is in a separate location from the ceremony. Other times, it’s planned ahead of time to be in the same location. Regardless of where you plan your matrimonial events, we are mobile. Our booths can easily be broken down, moved and set up in a new location. On the contrary, you can request to have multiple rentals for your wedding ceremony to ensure no location is left behind! We believe that the more photos you have, the longer the wedding memories will stay alive!

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