Title: “Viable Options Outside Of Metal Roofs”


Source: The Skyline Roofing Alabama Blog
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"viable roof options"If you are perusing our blogs, we try to bring a variety of topics to light. Last month, we discussed the pros and cons of metal roofing. However, there’s so much more to discuss in terms of metal roofs including alternative options and overall functionality. In two weeks for our next blog, expect more knowledge on the metal roofing functionality. However, this week, we’ll be discussing all other viable options. If metal roofs are not your thing, you surely have other options. Noise during heavy weather or the overall look may deter you. In our experience, weight, cost, and the look all hold weight on the decision. Let’s start with a less common type of roof such as shingles.

Asphalt, Fiberglass, and Composite Shingles

Almost every modern neighborhood is full of shingles. The popularity exists because shingles are quick and easy to purchase and install. It may surprise you learn that shingles are a short-term solution for roofs. Shingle roof is a great option for buildings and homes located in steady, warmer climates. Exposing shingles to the extremes of a hot summer’s heat and the frigid cold winters will shorten the lifespans. Moisture and humidity will also take its toll. Because shingles are small granules glued to a base mat, they can fail once the glue decomposes under pressure or moisture.

Beware of shingles if you’re replacing your roof because they absorb and hold in the sun’s heat. Your air conditioning unit might be overworked as a result. Beware that a cheap and temporary solution like shingles could cost you more money in the long run. For what its worth, the average life expectancy is 13 – 16 years under normal conditions.

Wood Shake

Wood shingles, known as “wood shake” are not completely protected from deterioration either. Wood shingles can break down from the elements in the same way that asphalt shingles do and more quickly in wetter climates. When wood absorbs water and dries, the wood shingles can crack and wither.

Additionally, wood burns; therefore, no wooden roof is protected from a fire. If a wildfire is present, it can act as kindling and spread the fire easily. Expect to get 15 – 25 years out of a well-maintained wood shingle roof. However, if you are sold on wood shingles, you may pay more for it in the form of homeowner’s insurance or building insurance. It would be wise to get a quote before pulling the trigger on the purchase.

Tiled Roofs

Last on the list are tile roofs, which are limited to clay and concrete and are porous just like wood is. Water can dry and form cracks and erosion. The way to clean tile roofs is to power-wash them, which can be quite a hassle. Weight provides another hassle as tile roofs are quite heavy at 12 pounds per square foot. For both clay and concrete tiles, aim for getting 20 years maximum out of your roof.

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