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Title: “Using Your Wedding Day To Create Memorable Moments”


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"wedding memories"It’s officially spring time which is a perfect time of the year to get married, no matter where you live in the country. Certain areas may be a little rainier than others. Nevertheless, there’s more opportunity (and competition) in the spring and fall. Either way, it’s more about creating memories and making your day memorable for everyone. In this week’s blog, the Foto Box Live team is bringing you a slew of creative ideas to make that happen. Your wedding should absolutely be one of the best days of your life. You truly know you’re happy when all your guests can’t stop talking about it.

Momento Number One: Think Outside The (Food) Box

We all love food, but it can be worth it to go outside the box. Break down larger courses of food into smaller courses. If you go for a buffet style menu, consider food stations where some guests can partake in making their own food for fun. It never hurts to shake things up. Another idea to work with is the style of tapas. You could incorporate tapas with a make-your-own to get extra creative and split up your courses.

Momento Number Two: Music In, Music Out

A DJ, band or another form of musical entertainment is a must-have for any wedding. When considering your guest list, make sure you secure a type of music to which everyone can jive. Make sure he, she or they have great break music or other ways to entertain everyone when not officially performing. It’s the little things that make the biggest differences. Silence can often be quite loud; make sure it doesn’t happen during your big day.

Momento Number Three: Comfort Above Everything

This third piece of advice should be taken by both brides and grooms. After the formal ceremony, why stay in your tight-fitting attire when you’re going to be moving? Up, down, sitting, eating, dancing, moving, photo opps, photo booths, and more sitting/standing. Don’t make things harder on yourselves. Take off his coat. Take off her dress and slip into something more comfortable.

Momento Number Four: Surprises!

Why not secretly plan a surprise or two for your wedding reception? This really speaks to shaking things up if no one is anticipating it. Bring a professional dance team out of left field and into your reception. Perhaps you could create a treasure hunt for the bouquet or for the children. If your reception is outside and the surroundings allow for it, hide some fireworks behind bushes and light then as night falls!

Momento Number Five: Lounge It Out

Weddings are events full of energy. Dancing and drinking with so many people can easily drain guests’ energy. Give your guests a nice cozy place to retire and lounge out. Keep it close, but not too close to the party where there’s some quiet.

Next week, we’ll be bringing you a part two to this blog with more memorable moments you and your fiancee can create. Stay tuned!

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"wedding chairs"Last week, we brought a slew of creative ideas to the table to upgrade your wedding day. This week, we’re finishing up with a second handful of ideas. You don’t have to use all these ideas or any of them. They are good to keep in mind in case your budget allows for it. On the other hand, if you are the couple who want to do things differently, now is your chance.

Momento Number Six: Plan, Plan, Plan!

You should earmark this first tip for the wedding planning process. If it’s late in the game, simply go back and adjust your budget. It’s very worth it to have a wedding planner or some type of coordinator. Actually doing all the things necessary as a bride or groom can be exhausting. Leave the details to the experts leading up to and including the day of!

Momento Number Seven: Flow It Out

Tip number seven piggybacks off the sixth one in that it’s best to be handled by a professional planner or coordinator. If by chance you’re tackling all aspects of your wedding, more power to you. Be sure that your ceremony and especially the reception have a nice flow to them. A smooth flow means proper seating arrangements; the theme should be evenly spread out. Guests, caterers, and staff can move freely throughout the crowd as well.

Momento Number Eight: Seating

Number eight brings one more piggybacked piece of advice. When it comes to flow, seating is a big part of it. Again, if you use a planner, they will inevitably want to learn more about guests. It’s very important to seat friendly people with other friendly people. Be sure not to seat rivals or arch enemies at the same table. In fact, seat one in the complete opposite corner if they both must attend. Drama in any form doesn’t bode well for your wedding day. Keep happiness alive!

Momento Number Nine: Bring In The Props!

Speaking of happiness, make your guests smile and laugh throughout the entire day and evening. How can you do this? Simple. Hire the photo booth experts such as Foto Box Live. We have a variety of booths and lots of props to go around. Who says props need to remain in the booths? As long as we’re there, our props can spread around for the official photographer, videographer or just a silly group selfie with the band.

Momento Number Ten: Children

Last, but not least, are the children. Depending on your guest list, you may be inviting not only guests but parents. Children can be tricky if their ages are far apart. Think ahead during the invitation and planning stages for the ages children will be on your wedding day. The goal is to keep them occupied so the adults can enjoy their time as well. Please do not just load up a room full of iPads with a babysitter. Create an environment where kids can interact and enjoy their time such as scavenger hunts, coloring, games, etc.

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