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Title: “Treating Back Pain with PEMF Therapy”


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"back pain"Back pain is all too common a healthcare problem in today’s world. The truth is that back pain can be caused by a multitude of factors. Exercising improperly, sitting too long, sitting in a poorly constructed chair and sleeping in the wrong position could all play a role. At GOiMRS2000, our team wants to illustrate how you can ease and prevent back pain.

A Good Night’s Sleep

At night, our bodies rejuvenate themselves during sleep. Our minds shut down and our bodies go to work repairing muscles, re-energizing cells and flushing out the information from the previous day. During sleep, be cognizant of the positions you fall asleep in and wake up in. If either is not on your back, you may be putting yourself at risk for future pain.

Ideally, you should sleep on your back with a pillow under your knees. Why put a pillow under your knees? Because laying flat puts pressure on your spine overnight. It is the healthiest way to sleep—when your body is at equilibrium. Still, your knees need to be elevated to remove tension on your lower back. Think about a massage when you’re on your back. A good masseuse or masseur will put a pillow bolster under your knees.

Shoes Are The Core Of The Problem

Well, shoes AND your core are worth paying attention to. If your core needs improvement. your back could be at risk for pain. The back muscles of your core could overcompensate for a weaker front and oblique muscles. When—not if—you exercise, be sure to corporate various exercises to balance out your core. Hyperextensions can strengthen your lumbar muscles. Performing side planks can build your obliques, while proper crunches can stabilize your front core.

Shoes can also play a role. Poorly supported shoes like heels and flat-soled shoes will cause a lack of support. Your upper back muscles again will overcompensate for the lack of support from the ground up. Make sure your are treating your body properly ahead of time.

How PEMF Therapy Brings Pain Relief

PEMF, or pulsed electromagnetic field, therapy is a solid solution to existing back pain and preventing future back pain. To better understand how your body works with PEMF, let’s cover with the basics of the human anatomy. All our body’s cells require ATP to function properly. ATP or adenosine triphosphate, is molecular energy stored throughout our body. 

An industry fact we wanted to share are the common back problems. 95% of individuals found relief using PEMF for pain relief. Benefits were found for patients suffering from herniated discs, spondylosis, spinal nerve compression, sciatica, spinal stenosis, and arthritis by using PEMF for pain relief.— Magnawave PEMF.

Overall, PEMF benefits people by way of improved blood circulation, increased oxygen in the blood (a problem many people have), reduced inflammation, improved muscle function and more. Inflammation and a lack of oxygen in the body are what bring forth pain. The electromagnetic waves travel through the site of pain and the surrounding nerves.

PEMF therapy stimulates the production of ATP within every cell in the body. The therapeutic waves ensure healing and empowering cells to return to their original state. Essentially, they harmonize our bodies and allow each part to do what they were designed for. Oxygen levels are boldly increased and healthy cell life is maintained. At the same time, damaged cells are treated or flushed out for new cells to take over.

One Piece Of The Puzzle

As with our other blogs, we wanted to reiterate the practicality of PEMF therapy. For most conditions, PEMF can be a permanent solution to pain management. Bodily imbalances can be handled more delicately than surgeries at a fraction of the cost and a fraction of the comfort.

PEMF Therapy should be used together with proper sleep, a clean and healthy nutrition plan as well as regular exercise. GOiMRS2000 must stress that exercise should be performed lightly if you are experiencing pain. We make no guarantee that exercising will improve pain. We want to insist to check with your doctor before exercising if you are experiencing pain. Even a walk around the community can help with circulation in lieu of cardiovascular exercise or strength training.


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