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"wedding menu"So far this month we’ve discussed various wedding resources such as Wedding Wire and The Knot, wedding photography and event management. In fact, November is all about creating dense wedding content for the many upcoming newlyweds. Brides and grooms alike can read our blogs to become more informed on their big day. Perhaps, one of the most sensitive topics of a wedding is food. But where do you start the planning process? The cake, the catering, the main course, the desserts, the centerpieces on the tables—with so many options, it can be overwhelming. We’re going to provide some insight on where and how you can best determine your wedding menu.

Wedding Menu Firsts

The two first things you should have on your wedding checklist are tied: the venue and the catering. We suggest booking both as soon as you can because they will fill up fast. Depending on the venue, they might have an in-house chef so you’d be able to handle both those items on your list at once. Keep in mind, venues with in-house kitchens and chefs may require you to use their staff. Therefore, if you have a chef in mind, you should find a venue that allows for outside chefs to be brought in.

Once you settle on a venue and the catering staff for that venue, next is the number. The big scary number…the scary guest list number that determines almost everything else in your wedding ceremony and reception. Say you narrow your guest list to a solid 80 people. That means 80 meals, 80 table settings, maybe 8 tables of 10 or 10 tables of 8. How many of your guests will require specific dishes based on medical conditions or food allergies? All the catering details need to be planned out far ahead of time.

A Wedding Menu Heads Up

Use your location to your advantage. Going with a local dish adds some unique flavor to your big day. With many courses to decide upon, everything should revolve around a few main ingredients. You and your caterer should work together to develop the menu, which will make things easier going forward.

With all the advice we have given over the past month, it’s also important to bring up the things to avoid. Of course, as a first-time spouse, you may not know what the best option is until its too late. Here’s where we want to give you and your future spouse a heads up.

A Few Mistakes NOT To Make

As in life and during your wedding, you can’t please everyone. Even on your special day where tensions are high, it’s not worth it. As long as the majority is happy, you’ve done an excellent job planning. Too many options mean excessive food prepared whether it’s done by dish or a buffet style. More food means more money up front to pay for the dishes. Be vigilant in your headcount and keep things simple for your guests. You should, at least, have a vegetarian/vegan option for the select few with allergies and/or stricter dietary beliefs.

Secondly is the food presentation. Just by the nature of seated/plated meals, it sounds more expensive. Food is prepared and brought to the tables individually. The other option would be a buffet-style catered station. People walking up to tables and picking what they want to eat based on what is prepared seems less expensive. As it turns out, the opposite is true. A buffet-style option could easily turn out more expensive because of the guarantee from the cater. It’s almost impossible to guess what your guests will eat. The caters need to cook enough for everyone and have to have enough options for everyone. For your wedding, we advise weighing all your options with your caterer. Keep in mind that going with a pre-determined and pre-ordered menu could save a decent amount of money for your wedding party.

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