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Title: “The Many Upsides To Having A Spring Wedding”


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A spring wedding can be a beautiful event in terms of the environment and the weather. Springtime means flowers are in bloom, the summer is coming, but it’s not too hot to party. The humidity hopefully wouldn’t be too high, giving the opportunity for a warm joyous day of union. In this blog, our photo booth rental team will be discussing many reasons why you should aim for a Spring wedding. As it April, there’s a good chance you’re planning your wedding now for later in the year or even next year. Be sure to take this blog into consideration as you plan out your future wedding.

Everything Is In Bloom

When you think of spring wedding, your mind may conjure up images of growth, rebirth, blossoming, and a deep color palette. Ironically, these four things are part of what make up a wonderful wedding. A wedding should be about growth in love and rebirth in a new life together. The symbolism speaks for itself as to why spring is the perfect time for the wedding.

Pedals Everywhere

With the world in bloom, flowers are one of the most noticeable living things to grow. Springtime yields a variety of colorful flowers. A few examples of flowers in bloom include tulips, daffodils, lilacs, hydrangeas, pansies, and hyacinths. All these fresh flowers allow for great options for bouquets as well as decorations and floral centerpieces.

Get Colorful

Springtime usually brings certain colors with it. The good news for anyone planning their wedding can incorporate springtime colors into their wedding’s theme. The theme is a big part of any wedding and colors can tie everything together nicely. Pantone–a supple purple hue–is a growing color for bridal parties in terms of dresses. Pinks, light greens, purples, rose, red, white and light blue are all ideal colors for springtime weddings.

Stay Comfortable In Warmer Weather

As we mentioned before, spring brings comfortable temperatures. Rain is a possibility in the spring, but rain is never as invasive as extreme heat. (Rain delays are best handled by wedding planners or professional coordinators). As a result, those cooler temperatures allow for more diverse outlets including fabrics, colors and dress lengths for the bridal party. Warmer weather also opens up the opportunity for outdoor weddings and outside ceremonies as well as surprises such as fireworks, music, or anything that tickles your fancy. You can always enjoy wedding ceremonies in light clothing. It’s never fun to keep piling clothes on when you’re dancing or socializing with hundreds of other guests to keep warm.

Happier Guests

Who wants to get married in cold temperatures anyway? Even when walking from cars to the ceremony and from cars to the reception, cold air can come biting at your heels. Keep things simple by keeping everyone happy. You can’t argue with an outdoor venue that allows for breezes to come through into the reception hall. Spring time allows for much more freedom than you might think.

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