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Title: “Secondary Wedding Planning: Pipe, Drape, Linens And More”


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"wedding reception"Wedding planning is a very detailed and potentially stressful process. It’s exciting, nonetheless, but can be stressful, especially when the clock starts ticking. Therefore, be sure to plan ahead for multiple outcomes (weather, backup plans, etc.) Plan early on in the process to save yourself time. We’ve already discussed the major parts of wedding planning in our previous blogs—videography, catering, photography and photo booths, DJs, entertainment, toasts and more. When we mention the term ‘secondary wedding planning,’ we’re referring to the nitty-gritty details like linens, tabletops, centerpieces, seating fabric, drapes, curtains and similar details.

Wedding Planning: It’s All About The Details

With many online guides available through a simple Google search, feel free to look for yourself. We’re going to bring you a high-level view of the smaller parts of wedding planning. (see link at the bottom of our blog) has a ton of information on the various popular fabrics that exist. The listed options available in the wedding industry will astound you: Satin, Damask and Brocade, Organza, Taffeta, Velvet, Cotton, Linen, Sequins, Raw Silk, Polyester, Embellished, and Lace. Consider the size of fabrics as they cover dinner tables. How many tables will you have? That depends on how many guests you’ll have. Is it better to seat more people at fewer tables and pay less for fabrics by size? Is it more beneficial for you to simply invite fewer people and use bigger tables? There’s a lot of planning that goes into your wedding. Be sure to cover all your bases first.

This brings you to another potential crossroads where the budget could spiral out of control. Again, reign it in and consider each part before pulling the trigger on linen rentals or fabrics you might choose to buy. According to a WeddingWire Q-and-A, you can connect with other spouses-to-be and newlyweds. There’s a good deal of thought on renting linens and buying linens—read the pros and cons of both.

It Comes Down To The Fabric

Often times a liner rests underneath the table linen or table cover. Naturally, it’s used for a thicker and more luxurious feel when sitting at the table to eat. But wait, there’s more! Overlays are linens that go on top of other linens for added style and effect. An overlay would definitely be a non-necessity but if you want to add it on, it’s your wedding. Just make sure you budget for it with the right number of tables.

Runners are additional pieces of thinner fabric that can be used on empty tables, tables for guests or just decor underneath the buffet, for example (if you go that route). Some larger linens and overlays can be placed over a smaller table to give a drape effect (think of a long dress). At the same time, other smaller sizes can be used to achieve the perfect length as it just touches the floor. It’s all about your taste and budget. More popular sizes are the 84″ square as an overlay, the 108″ round, the 120″ round, the 134″ round, the standard 8′ linen, and lastly the 8′ King’s Linen Drapes. These are just a few examples of table linen options! What about the chairs? Chair sash and chair covers exist for even more decoration and that “extra nice touch.”

Bridal Musings has a great article on seeing a lot of these styles of drapes, linens, sizes and how they all can be laid on the table with other options.

Tables And Centerpieces

Centerpieces go hand-in-hand with flowers. Both are ideally discussed at the same time. Any style or design can be conjured up for your wedding so know there’s plenty of options based on the season and your budget. For example, a centerpiece can be all flowers or it can be a mixture of candles, open flowers or vased flowers.


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