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Title: “PEMF Therapy: Reducing Fibromyalgia Pain And Flare-Ups”


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"Purple Ribbon"If you’re wondering how PEMF therapy is reducing fibromyalgia pain, you’re not alone. Thousands of people who suffer from fibromyalgia want to reduce pain as much as they can. The commendable ones are seeking answers and doing the research on how to make that a reality. Luckily, this blog on fibromyalgia will serve as a reference for patients. Chances are you’re reading this blog because you too were researching PEMF therapies online after being recently diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Help is right here—please read on!

Researching Fibromyalgia

Perhaps you think you have fibromyalgia, but you’re not 100% certain. As you research fibromyalgia, plenty of resources revolving PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic therapy) will pop up as well—I’m sure of it. There is a wealth of information online for both topics. At times, it can be overwhelming to sort through everything, especially when you’re unsure what information is trustworthy. The joint pain and flare-ups are daily struggles. Adding to the pain are rising expenses from doctor visits and prescription drugs. Where does this leave you?

Whether or not you are familiar with PEMF therapy, you will hear an amazing testimonial below. Susan Nattrass in the video below speaks authentically on how the iMRS mat reduced her pain in a short six months.

A Basic Understanding Of Reducing Fibromyalgia Pain

Your doctor may already have given you a lengthy explanation of fibromyalgia. He or she most likely added a prescription to help alleviate your pain, based on the severity. There are numerous drugs on the market that treat fibromyalgia pain, but they also have numerous side effects. There is no replacement for medical guidance from your doctor or other health professional. Consider that the purpose of prescription drugs is to reduce or control symptoms. The cost of prescription drugs each month can easily strain your budget. It’s imperative you learn about the long-term effect these drugs can have on your mind and body.

Fibromyalgia is often described as, “generalized joint pain or chronic widespread pain caused by overactive nerves.” This widespread pain can dramatically impact your sleep habits which, in turn, can cause fatigue and depression. Here are three important questions you should ask your doctor once have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia:

  1. Is the root cause of widespread pain or overactive nerves?
  2. What can I do long-term to reduce pain as well as to continue my active lifestyle?
  3. What alternative methods are available for reducing my joint pain and reducing flare-ups?

Your doctor will be able to answer these three important questions. Learn more about how you can get relief from pain, and coming up with a long-term plan as well. When you understand the cause of your pain it’s easier to understand how to reducing fibromyalgia pain and flare-ups.

The Main Cause Of Fibromyalgia

Researchers aren’t 100% sure what the main cause is. However, studies show that individuals with poor physical strength suffer from fibromyalgia. The same can be said for those who endure a lot of stress. Individuals who suffer from “microtrauma,” or slight muscle or nerve damage, fall victim to a vicious cycle of pain characterized as fibromyalgia.

This makes fibromyalgia appear as an “unproven condition”, yet there are groupings of things that doctors look for to issue a true diagnosis. Those who suffer from this condition know that it’s very real to them, yet it isn’t something doctors can see with their eyes. Doctors can only see what it does to patients, and the effect it has on them. The generalization of symptoms can leave patients frustrated, overwhelmed, and still in pain. This is where PEMF therapy has become a welcome change to the community of researchers as well as patients who are seeking alternatives to pain medications for both widespread joint and nerve pain, as well as intense pain from old injuries and arthritis. Can PEMF therapy help you feel better, get more sleep, and improve your quality of life?

How PEMF Therapy Reduces Fibromyalgia AND Improves Out Quality Of Life

There are numerous individuals who have shared their stories of how pain medications helped them initially, but over time they felt as though they had built an immunity to those medications so they had to take more. Patients are tossed around from one doctor to the next, only to be told, “I’m not sure. So I would like for you to see a rheumatologist.” The vicious cycle of making appointments with specialists can be frustrating because it costs patients time and money.

A Reduction In Fibromyalgia Pain Via PEMF:

  • PEMF therapy increases blood flow.
  • Many individuals who suffer from fibromyalgia pain present with poor blood circulation.
  • PEMF has been shown to increase blood flow as well as to increase oxygen levels in tissue.
  • Additionally, most individuals experience relief from chronic fatigue as well when pain is reduced.
  • Using low-frequency PEMF therapy has been helpful for these individuals in treating the symptoms associated with fibromyalgia, and this has been documented in thousands of clinical research studies.
  • PEMF therapy can improve the lymphatic system.
  • The blood vessels act as a delivery and waste removal service for the blood vessels and lymphatic system.
  • Blood vessels deliver oxygen to the cells, but they also remove waste.
  • This intricate system of the body provides oxygen to the tissues when it works properly.
  • When tissue does not get the proper oxygenation, it dies causing necrosis of the tissue.
  • When using PEMF therapy, the blood vessels are stimulated and carry plenty of oxygen to the cells and tissues, resulting in a properly functioning circulatory system that reduces swelling and pain.
  • This process results in healthier cells which results in better overall cell function and motor function.
  • When PEMF therapy reduces pain, you sleep better.
  • Anyone suffering from pain lacks the ability to get a night of good, restorative sleep.
  • When sleep is disturbed the body is unable to heal itself.
  • When pain has been reduced, you are more likely to get good, restorative sleep.

Pain Reduction Options

There are numerous ways to reduce pain and swelling, but ice packs and pain medicines are not enough for the long-term well-being of your body. Pain medications can have adverse effects on the body when they go beyond the short-term use they were designed for.

Treating the source of the pain is the primary goal. Therefore, it is by increasing blood flow and proper circulation that reduces inflammation, swelling, and ultimately reducing the intake of pain medication that can improve the patient’s quality of life.

The doctors agree that the long-term use of pain medication is not advised. The use of physical therapy and other rehabilitative methods is encouraged. Therefore, PEMF therapy has become a primary choice among complementary therapies.

If you suffer from fibromyalgia, you need answers about how to get relief from your pain and restore your peace of mind. It could be that you are doing this research for a loved one, that has been struggling with inflammation and pain.

The mechanical benefit of PEMF therapy will be evident through the consistent use of PEMF therapy over time, and now you can use these products with an affordable investment in the comfort of your own home with the products that are available to you through GoiMRS2000.

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