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Title: “PEMF Improves Post-Heart Attack Cardiac Function”


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"glowing heart"The title of this blog is a mouthful, but when broken down it can be quite powerful. Pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy can improve the functionality of your heart after a heart attack. It’s a type of rebirth that stimulates growth within your heart. It’s a lovely story, but let’s examine things under the microscope in this blog and show the power of PEMF therapy.

Heart Attack | Myocardial Infarction

The medical term for a heart attack is a myocardial infarction. Let us explain what happens during a normal heart attack. It comes down to the arteries in our bodies. Arteries carry freshly oxygenated blood from the heart to our muscles and organs. (Additionally, veins carry deoxygenated blood to the heart, while capillaries are tunnels formed between arteries and veins). When plaque buildup in our arteries become too great it ruptures.

As a result of a rupture, platelets come to the rescue just like a cut and clot (block) the blood flow. Then there’s a severe problem in that your heart’s blood supply is blocked, which causes the heart to work harder. When muscles such as the heart are starved of oxygenated blood, they fail. One of the last muscles you want to die is your heart or even part of your heart. Nota Bene: patients with diabetes are at risk for a silent heart attack. This occurs because those people experience very mild or no symptoms at all. Therefore, you may not even know you had a heart attack.

PEMF Therapy Recovery

If you suffer a heart attack, you’ll most likely end up in the urgent care or emergency room, followed by conversations with your doctor on corrective diet and lifestyle actions to take in order to gain control over your health. What he or she may not tell you is the benefits of PEMF therapy; that’s where we come in.

Heart attacks have the potential to damage entire muscle walls within the heart as well as capillaries branching off of or leading to the heart. When undergoing PEMF treatment, angiogenesis — the growth of new blood vessels — can be stimulated. If a heart attack removes functionality of capillaries, the low-level PEMF waves have the potential to re-stimulate those current capillaries or grow new ones. Additionally, it’s been shown in studies performed by the National Institute of Health that PEMF waves prevented cardiac apoptosis. For reference, apoptosis is the process of cell growth and death as a result of typical life cycle and development. Simply put, PEMF waves prevented heart cell death.

Every treatment cycle is different for everyone based on their body’s response. If you have suffered a heart attack, definitely consult with your doctor about your course of action. Afterward, we would be happy to discuss a treatment plan with you as well as narrowing down the right frequency of use and EMF frequency to improve your heart health.

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