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Title: “Lowering Hypertension And High Blood Pressure With PEMF Therapy”


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"allergies"PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field) therapy can be quite a dynamic treatment for our bodies. In our research and education, the magnetic field flows through us. Different frequencies bring us harmony. The beauty of PEMF therapy is that the list of what our devices can treat grows continuously. From chronic pain conditions such as fibromyalgia, osteoporosis, and arthritis to chemical imbalances and relaxed muscular and nervous systems, PEMF therapy treats just about everything. Two more things the magnetic low-frequency can treat are seasonal allergies (which will be discussed in a later blog) and hypertension, or high blood pressure.

Stages of High Blood Pressure

For anyone unsure of how blood pressure measurements work or what zone they fall in, we’re going to cover the basics. When you go to the dentist to get a cavity filled, the dental assistant will take your blood pressure. Let’s say your reading is 130/74 (dictated as 130 over 74). The top number, 130, is referred to as the systolic reading; the bottom number is called the diastolic reading. Here are the major blood pressure categories:

  • Normal blood pressure means your systolic is less than 120, diastolic is less than 80.
  • (The old-time standard “healthy” blood pressure is 120 over 80).
  • Elevated means systolic falls between 120-129, diastolic still remains less than 80.
  • Hypertension, Stage 1 means systolic is 130-139, diastolic is between 80-89.
  • Hypertension, Stage 2 means systolic is 140+ and diastolic is 90+.
  • Hypertensive Crisis means your blood pressure is at an alarmingly-high level. For this to happen, your systolic reading would have to be 180+ while your diastolic reading is 120+.

For your own reference, symptoms are often undiagnosed until late in the game. People don’t immediately know they have high blood pressure. Our advice is to regularly check your blood pressure by purchasing an over-the-counter blood pressure cuff.

Causes of High Blood Pressure

If you are like most people, going into the doctor’s office can bring a spike in blood pressure. This is known as “white coat syndrome” for obvious reasons and is no reason to worry. However, continuously high readings are cause for concern. The below circumstances have been known to cause blood pressure. Not everyone is the same so run through the list; make a mental note of which one, if any, apply to you.

  1. Family History—while not 100% related to genetics, family history is important because it deals with living habits formed early in your life. Those habits that can turn out to negatively impact you actually fall on the rest of this list…
  2. Obesity—high blood pressure is caused primarily by diet in that your organs must work harder if you’re overweight. You’re straining parts of your body, unnecessarily.
  3. Diabetes—while diabetes more often affects overweight individuals, it’s not particularly linked to fatty foods or obesity. Diabetes is caused by long-standing insulin imbalances
  4. Lack of exercise—keep moving! Sitting for excessive periods of time will do your body no good and cause you to gain weight (see number 2). Daily movement for exercise or at least circulation is essential!
  5. Smoking—smoking constricts blood vessels which increases blood pressure (more force is needed to push blood through smaller openings…think of a bottleneck).
  6. Age—age can be a factor for some people without much understanding why unfortunately.
  7. Stress—cortisol, the stress hormone can wreak havoc on your health when too much is released. It can easily throw your system off track; therefore maintaining and relieving stress will lower blood pressure.

PEMF Can Lower Blood Pressure

All in all, PEMF therapy speaks the “language” that our bodies are capable of understanding. As mentioned before in previous blogs and my eBook, our cells communicate via bioelectric currents, just like the lower frequency waves distributed from a PEMF device.

Overall, circulation is the root cause of high blood pressure. Pressure builds by constricted blood vessels (due to poor living habits). When this is the case, changing poor living habits will help. Depending on what state your health is in, it may not be enough to prevent other larger issues.

Adding a short and regular PEMF treatment will help speed up the process of your body working efficiently. Keep in mind, PEMF should not be the only solution. It should be incorporated into your newly changed living habits. Continue to monitor your blood pressure before and after treatment sessions to see how much of a difference the treatment makes. Regarding lower blood pressure readings, we’ve heard of immediate changes and found a testimonial to speak directly to it.

Real World Testimonial

We wish we could give credit to our iMRS line for this exact testimonial, but we cannot. Still, the power of PEMF shows itself here with the following testimonial.

Rest assured, the iMRS line are the only products on the market currently that have been acknowledged by the FDA. Truthfully, the FDA will not approve alternative treatments such as pulsed electromagnetic field therapy. Therefore, for our products to be on their radar is a big upside against other devices on the market.

“The work I do from home is very stress-laden and has contributed to a significant rise in my blood pressure over the course of the last two years. Using the PEMF [device] on my breaks for approximately 8 minutes while working, turned out to be extremely relaxing and actually lowered my blood pressure by as much as 6-7 points from start to finish when I measured it.” — Source: PEMF News


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