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Title: “Learn How Overactive Bladder (OAB) Is Treated With PEMF”


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"overactive bladder"For the third blog of the month, we wanted to discuss a common medical condition and it’s uncommon medical treatment alternative. Overactive bladder or OAB affects millions of people in the United States. Urinary incontinence or UI is on par with an average of 15 million women annually. While both are similar, there is a slight difference.The main difference is that overactive bladder denotes the feeling of having to urinate frequently. Urinary incontinence deals more with the loss of bladder control. In today’s blog, we cover how PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field) therapy can treat symptoms of both overactive bladder and urinary incontinence and give people back the feeling of control.

Options for Treatment of OAB and UI

When you ask the average Joe about treatment, he or she may first think of traditional medical therapies. “Treatments include prescription medications or patches, surgeries and procedures … behavioral interventions such as bladder training … ” — Source: Dr. Pawluk. Other alternatives such as acupuncture and reflexology exist as well. PEMF therapy is not top of mind, yet. However, results and research are quite promising and the reasoning is simple. The good news is that standard medicinal treatments or surgeries don’t have to be the first option. Everyone’s body responds differently to treatments. The physical treatment boils down to reducing inflammation and easing the nerves.

The Inflammation And Growing Nerves Problem

Inflammation occurs in our tissues. When tissues are inflamed, they put pressure on just about everything surrounding them. Think of a bloated stomach or cramps. A small problem affects a larger area.

As mentioned before, people’s bodies are vastly different. Some people suffering from OAB or UI encounter their bladder issues as a result of inflammatory responses. Others’ sensations are caused by nerves. Moving forward, the smooth muscles of the bladder are more susceptible to contraction. This is because in our bodies, smooth muscles are grouped together. Therefore, when one contracts, they all contract together. The feeling of urinating starts small and quickly grows. Additionally, smooth muscles are controlled by blocks of nerves. Having overactive nerves leads to an overall heightened bladder sensation.


The great news is that inflammation and overactive nerves that cause overactive bladder and/or urinary incontinence can be treated. When nerves send information to the nervous system and brain, they’re calling out for help. They’re being loud if you will. It could be a sharp pain like throbbing or a subtle pain response like a “full” bladder. When pulsed electromagnetic fields are introduced at the right frequency and intervals, they travel through your body. They reach your troubled nerves, bladder walls and smooth muscle groups to quiet them down, alleviating the urgency feeling and constant contractions. From a scientific standpoint, this is achieved by way of micro-currents. PEMF waves create microcurrents that run along the neuron’s pathways. The addition of those micro currents turns down the signal for help, which in turn dulls your sense of pain.

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