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Title: “Learn About PEMF Therapy Treatment Of Autism”


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"autism"In our process to bring alternative treatments to the masses, I want to discuss the behavioral side of medicine. Children and young adults are big topics within the medical community and education process. One such topic that is unfortunately growing is autism. However, there is hope. Harmonizing electromagnetic waves has many strong benefits for autistic patients. Therefore, in this blog, we are going to cover how effective PEMF therapy can be on autistic patients.

The Characteristics of Autism

The symptoms of Autism include a lack of ordinary social behavior, sensory overload, communication skills and repetitive behaviors. These symptoms are primarily caused by structural differences in the brain. In various studies, PEMF therapies treated the negative conditions of autism, listed above. Mostly, hyperactivity and overloading of senses were corrected. At the same time, the PEMF treatment did not diminish the positives behind high-functioning autism.

Correcting And Treating Autism

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy is able to present a growing amount of positive evidence in improving autism. Because it’s a behavioral health condition, the treatments target the brain. The type of targeted treatment for autistic patients is referred to as rTMS, or repetitive trans-cranial magnetic stimulation. While iMRS products do not use rTMS, PEMF therapy itself can work in conjunction with rTMS treatments. Think of it as a combination of a targeted concentration (rTMS) plus a whole body treatment to keep everything in working order and cells communicating (PEMF therapy via full body pads).

Our full body pads, such as the iMRS and Omnium 1, allow for more effective intensities at an overall lower cost. Android capability is a big upside compared to other products on the market as well.

If rTMS is very new to you and/or you need to do more research, please do. It’s not our field of expertise. However, in the meantime, you can begin on PEMF treatments as 1) it’s proven to bring positive change and 2) better than no treatment. PEMF is more for in-home use and allows for greater flexibility in treatments. For example, rTMS applications are less frequent and higher intensities—more aggressive, less often. On the other hand, PEMF treatments via iMRS or Omnium 1 allow for higher frequency treatments at lower intensities—conservative treatments, more often. In the long term, more repetitions bring improvement sooner.


When you see how targeted PEMF therapy can be on autistic patients, the results are astounding. Not only can they hinder the negatives, but they do not interfere with the positives most often associated with high-functioning autism. In other words, the strong behavioral qualities are kept intact.


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