Title: “How To Spot A Leak In Your Roof”


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"roof leak"When it comes to your roof, whether commercial or residential, it’s important to be mindful of liabilities. The worst liabilities are leaks and potential spots where leaks can form. In this blog, we discuss the ways to spot a leak in your roof.

Time Is Of The Essence

When it comes to discovering problems, time is crucial. Catching things early will not only save you money in the long run, it will also minimize your costs in order to fix them. Think about finding a small hole in your roof that leaks down to the support beams. By catching the leak early, you can save yourself by only patching that hole. If it goes unnoticed, you could have a real problem if your support beams or foundation are subject to excessive water damage. It’s all about timing. This is why the Skyline Roofing team always suggests thorough routine checks of your roof. Of course, if a rough storm moves through your area, it’s essential you bring out the ladder and get on your roof. As soon as the clouds clear, start inspecting your roof for damages before it’s too late.

Spotting A Leak: What Exactly To Look For

Usually, leaks will reveal themselves from the inside of the building or your home. They are easy to spot by way of discoloration of the wall or a puddle on the floor. That’s the good news. You’ll most certainly know when you have a leak. The bad news is that tracing the leak to the source of the problem can be tricky and time-consuming. One great way to spot a leak is to recreate the leak. This is also a technique that will save you lots of time.

Recreating the leak is more simple than you may think. Use a hose and spray a shower of water onto the roof above the point you discovered the leak. Gravity will help bring the water drops down along the roof and naturally into the leak. You’ll be more able to trace the leak backward and fix the problem. Whether this leak is threatening your roof at home or your business’ brick and mortar store, water is still water. Gravity will still move water downward and water will still reflect light. When you go in search of your leak, bring a flashlight with you.

Having Trouble Spotting A Leak?

Regardless of the structure in question, below is a list of specific points to examine thoroughly in order to find a leak. At the same time, it would be smart to make a list or map of these locations on your roof and surrounding areas to scan on each of your routine roof check:

  • Gutters
  • Downspouts
  • Gaskets around pipes
  • Ridge cap
  • Shingles
  • Flashing
  • Dormer valleys
  • Boots
  • Any rubber seals found at the base of vents, pipes, flashings
  • Any type of roof protrusion

The Preventive: Causes Of Roof Leaks

It’s not enough to explain how to spot a roof leak. Skyline Roofing also wants to go the extra step and cover the causes of roof leaks. Below are the most critical causes of roof leaks that span across the board.

  • Improperly-sealed Valleys — these can be sealed by professionals with a simple application of a leak barrier along the valley and installing shingles overtop them.
  • Existing Skylights Were Not Installed Properly — this could extend to the flashing surrounding the glass and the glass itself. Examine each section closely.
  • Cracked Flashing — simply lift shingles, remove and replace flashing. Finish off with roofing sealant to nail heads.
  • Damaged / Broken Shingles — remove and replace with new nails and sealant, if needed.
  • Cracked Vent Booting — we would advise contacting professionals to repair cracked vent booting.
  • Clogged Gutters — we covered this in a previous blog, which can be a helpful refresher, found here.
  • Damaged / Cracked Chimney — you might find this issue in areas of severe weather. Heavy objects, foliage or loose things thrown around in the wind could damage a chimney. All it takes is a crack for a leak to form when it rains. This might be a reason to call a roofer and/or a general contractor.
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