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"Beautiful bride"The Foto Box Live team caters to more weddings than any other type of event (you can see our full list of events here). As we aim to become your primary wedding resource, we’re bringing you a handful of blogs full of information! This week, we’re starting the first of our two-part blog on wedding dresses. First, we’re bringing you helpful tips on findingthe wedding dress of your dreams. Secondly, we’ll bring you a blog on fitting into the wedding dress of your dreams.

Rule Of Thumb: Your Wedding Dress Should Be Yours

Hopefully, you’re reading this blog because you’re looking for your wedding dress or ideas on where to start. We love bringing ideas, inspiration, examples, and more to all the future brides-to-be. One thing we want to mention first off is a rule of thumb. Your wedding dress should be your wedding dress. Don’t be a slave to trends, labels, outlandish price tags or styles that aren’t “you.” You should purchase the dress that you love, the dress you can afford, and the dress that best fits your wedding theme. To that end, this blog will cover a few checkpoints for you as you search for your wedding dress.

Checkpoint #1: All Options Exhausted

This may be the last checkpoint on most future brides’ to-do list, but we feel it’s the first. Here’s why. Going into the wedding dress search knowing you’ll try on a lot of wedding dresses is beneficial. Many brides want to try on one and know that’s the right one. It may be, but be 100% sure it is by trying on all the dresses you can find that match your body type and wedding style. Arriving at the dress is much more satisfying after you’ve exhausted all your options. That way, you will be confident it’s the perfect dress for you.

Checkpoint #2: 24/7 Comfort

Perhaps 24/7 is an exaggeration because you won’t be sleeping in your wedding dress. Take it as a metaphor because the right dress will enable you to do everything without limitations on your special day. No wedding dress should prevent you from breathing, moving, dancing, laughing, eating, and so on. You’re going to be in the dress all day; make sure it’s gorgeous and comfortable.

Checkpoint #3: Listening To Your Gut

Let’s face it. Through dating, friendships, and family matters, you’ve listened to the opinions of others. Of course, you have your opinions, but having influence from others carries weight. Just like your girlfriend telling you to skip that date and go out with another guy, your wedding dress is no different. They’ll gladly share their two cents with you based on what they would do in your shoes. When it comes to finding your wedding dress, listen to your gut above everything else. Purchase the dress you’d get if you were shopping by yourself.

Buy the dress you want for the right reasons. The right reasons will vary for every woman, naturally. Still, deep down, your comfort, your opinion, your budget and your style comes first and foremost.

Now, just because we’ve listed three major checkpoints, doesn’t mean finding the dress is that easy. Of course, these are major ones to look for. To help you even further, we’re going to add in a few tips you can apply before and during the shopping process. Here we go…

Shopping Tips

Keep the shopping party small. Nothing will stir up trouble like excessive opinions and inputs. You already have tons of wedding dresses to try on to find the right one. Make sure all the opinions you hear are honest and not over-bearing. Too many options and too many

Salons do take requests. If you have established a relationship with a bridal salon but found a dress elsewhere, ask if they can get it for you. They may take requests and it never hurts to ask.

Treat wedding dress shopping like apartment hunting or house hunting … by booking appointments. You might get lucky and catch a leasing consultant or realtor in their downtime. Still, booking those appointments ensures time is reserved for you to search for the right dress.

Timing is critical. If you can go dress shopping when people are at work, do it! Take advantage of the freedom to search without added pressure from other future brides. Time will be much tighter and in demand on the weekends. Therefore, aim for a Monday or Tuesday, in the primetime of the work week.

Ending On A Good Note

We found some quotes about wedding dress shopping and felt compelled to share them. They were too touching to keep private:

“My best friend and maid of honor was about to move across the country and I knew we wouldn’t be able to shop for gowns together as I had been dreaming of doing. However, I knew my boyfriend would be proposing soon so I swore her to secrecy and headed off to the most expensive bridal salon in town to have the shopping experience we had dreamed of. The salesperson handed me a gorgeous gown. When I put it on and she placed a veil on my head both my maid of honor and I started crying. I later found out that the day I was trying on the dress was the same day my fiancé was buying my engagement ring.”  —Lindsay from Westport, CT

“I was at an expensive boutique with a few friends when I fell in love with the most beautiful gown. It was perfect—until I looked at the price tag. I knew that there had to be a way to find the dress for less. I checked the designer’s website and found a store nearby and called to see if they carried this particular dress and to ask their price. To my sadness, it was just as expensive, but they offered to give me 10% off to buy the sample. I said, ‘Take off 25% and I will buy it right now.’ I ended up getting my dream dress for $1,000 less than the ticket price!”  —Alexandra from Houston, TX

“I ended up loving two dresses and going back and forth between the two for over an hour. When I asked if I could have something altered on the first dress, the bridal consultant asked me if I’d change anything about the other dress. I said, ‘No, it’s perfect the way it is.’ And then I knew it was the one.”  —Brenna from Olympia, WA

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