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"destination wedding"Guys, we’ve covered a lot of topics since our new website went live 8 months since we went under the knife for a rebranding. In all that time, weddings have always been our primary focus due to where we are located. The Tampa Bay area offers countless opportunities for not only weddings but also plenty of outdoor events where we can showcase the best photo booth products on the market. We are blessed to be able to create the best memories. Weddings are no exceptions unless we’re talking destination weddings. In that instance, the best we can do is provide you with a guide to destination weddings whether its in Jamaica, Norway, Africa or Egypt. Let’s hop to it…

Destination Weddings 101

First off, take everything we say in this blog with a grain of salt. The only reason we ask this is that we don’t know where you might decide on hosting your destination wedding. If you call South Tampa your home, the possibilities are endless. You could want to celebrate your love in Hawaii, Mexico, St. Lucia, Thailand, Fiji or countless other appealing locations. Not everything will apply to your situation, but it’s all still very useful.

The Benefits Of Having A Destination Wedding

Short, sweet and the best of both worlds. If you decide on hosting a local wedding and inviting your full list of guests, it’s likely they would all attend. Turn that local wedding to a destination wedding and it’s likely that not everyone would attend. A destination wedding is a great way to have the best of both worlds. You can get married, enjoy that time with your closest family and friends and still keep things simple. Imagine catching a flight and landing and a full-time wedding coordinator walks you and your select guests through the entire process for you. That thought alone is very intriguing!

Wait, what … a wedding that is reasonably inexpensive? You heard it right. Comparatively, a destination wedding offers the same if not more luxury and appeal without the excessive cost. Even if you flew the bridal party, groomsmen, close friends and family out on your dime, it would cost you, on average, tens of thousands of dollars LESS than a traditional, larger wedding!

Managing Facets Of A Destination Wedding Budget

When it comes to budgeting for a destination wedding, the budget itself should be managed in a different light. Travel expenses hold more weight than they would if you chose to host your wedding at a local event, for example.

Going all out for everyone’s travel expenses and every part of the rehearsal dinner, ceremony and wedding venue is extremely unlikely unless you won the lottery last week. Be smart and thoughtful with your budget since it is undoubtedly limited. That doesn’t mean you need to overspend, either. For example, if your guests need to catch a flight, spruce up their trips with a few extra somethings that everyone can enjoy together. A few ideas that come to mind are:

  1. upgraded welcome bags with personalized amenities,
  2. an extra group lunch or dinner when guests arrive,
  3. a brunch for the day following your ceremony,
  4. a special group outing for only those guests who just earned air miles, and
  5. airport shuttle service between the hotel and the venues.

The Facts | In Sum 

We had to do some research and were very surprised to learn some statistics. While reading that about percentages of marriage that end in divorce, there was some scrutiny. There’s been an ugly statistic floating around for a while: “50% of first marriages, 67% of second, and 73% of third marriages end in divorce.” — Source: Psychology Today. True or not, Express stated that marriage is better the second time around! Destination weddings may be a risky move for the first time. However, if a couple chooses to separate and later finds love again, a destination wedding could prove useful and very stress-free for them the second time around.

As a minor parting gift, here are the top 50 destination wedding locations according to The Knot. We read through each location and can say for sure that each destination offers something unique that the others do not. The question to ask yourself and your fiancé is where do you want to begin creating memories together as a newlywed couple? Truthfully, there is no wrong answer. Just be sure its what you want and you’ll never regret going another route. Move forward together.

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