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"wedding DJ"When it comes time for your wedding, the to-do list may start small. It might even seem manageable. However, once the details come into play, the list may become endless. On the plus side, it won’t be endless, it will only feel endless. On a related note, here’s a great starting list from RealSimple, broken down into time intervals leading up to the big day—very smart planning! One of those big to-do’s is music. In this blog, we’re going to discuss how you can choose the right DJ for your wedding.

Finding The Right DJ

Finding the right music, DJ, audio engineer, or whomever you are looking for is a critical step to set the mood. It should complement the theme and tie everything together nicely. Speaking of tying together nicely, you can ensure this happens by using the same principles to familiarize yourself with other vendors. Just like with a photographer, you can seek out DJs and their reviews. Realistically, word of mouth applies to any vendor. Ask around for people who have used DJs in the past. Do your homework. Search on the internet and social media to gather an initial list of event management companies and DJs.

Event Management: Looking For “The One”

Finding and hiring a disc jockey doesn’t mean you can simply check off “music” on your wedding’s to-do list. It goes beyond just music. An excellent DJ will help manage your event, hence the term event management.

It’s a great feeling to meet with a wedding vendor and know you’ve met the right one. We feel that you should narrow your list of contenders down to a select few. From there, get to know them and vice versa. Securing a DJ puts you one step closer to walking down the aisle. Now, understand a great event management team will provide suggestions and ideas to enhance the entire wedding day. Work with them on developing a full song list and discussing the intricate details.

Both the ceremony and the reception have to keep the energy up and guests’ eyes focused on the bride and groom. The reception is more important in terms of energy than the ceremony. The right DJ will know to incorporate various genres of music to bring the crowd alive and enjoy the moment.

  • Set Guidelines—in our experience, guests can dramatically alter the mood. Some will request music that is not on the song list. What do you do in that situation? Write that one down right now so you don’t lose it when you’re searching for your wedding DJ.
  • Demo—ask the select few DJs you’ve narrowed down to do a demo of blending tracks together and mixing genres. See how it flows … or doesn’t.
  • Backup Plans—a great DJ comes prepared with extra batteries, cords, and equipment in the event of a sound or electrical problem. Be sure to discuss the possibilities together as well as things that have happened in the past. That way, you’ll be aware of possibilities you may not have known about previously.
  • Additional Services—be smart about the to-do list you’re facing. Could the DJ or event management company handle multiple parts of your wedding? You could kill multiple birds with one stone, so to speak. In the long run, it could save you time and money; so its well worth considering.
  • Walk The Walk—it’s imperative that if you’re chosen DJ hasn’t visited the venue to do so beforehand. Have him, her, or them gauge everything before the big day. This is a smart move to be further prepared should anything bad happen.

A Few Of Our Favorite DJ’s Are…

Universal Entertainment, Music on the Move, and Grant Hemond. Terry Fisher, our CEO, immediately jumped on the opportunity to mention them by name for this blog. When vendors recommend other vendors, you know they’re doing something right! In fact, we’ve worked with all three of these great vendors and put our name on each one. We’ve seen the wonderful events they helped manage with our help and a slew of other vendors.

Reach out to them and tell them we sent you, they’ll appreciate the kind words. You never know, maybe you’ll be using us for your photo booth and their team for the music at your upcoming wedding! Call us to discuss your options at 800-518-4310. Additionally, we can recommend a lot of options for DJs to choose from. If you’re located outside of the Tampa Bay area, just ask. We have contacts across the state and across the country as a result of our coast-to-coast business activations. And … don’t forget you can also check online resources that we all love: Wedding Wireand The Knot.

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