Title: “Answering The Age-Old Question: Repair or Re-Roof?”


Source: The Skyline Roofing Alabama Blog
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Roof Repair: First Course Of Action

Your first course of action is to do your homework. This is true regardless of the route you end up pursuing. Find reputable, honest, highly-reviewed roofers local to you. Bring a few of them out to the property in question for a quote. Get their opinions on the decision at hand. Assuming they’re reputable, they should give you their answer based on their experiences. If they try to hard-sell you on one option or the other, be aware. They may be more focused on revenue than a client.

Route #1: Roof Repair Only

For most business owners and property owners, a roof repair is a big enough of a headache as it is. Their first concern is downtime that would affect their normal business operations if any. Not all repairs are very intrusive, but some can be. The second concern is the overall cost of maintenance. Depending on the situation, insurance may or may not become involved. We’re going to discuss the worst case scenario—paying out of pocket or out of the budget, for a larger business. Let’s face it. A repair is better than nothing. The worst thing to do is nothing when there’s a major issue at hand.

If it’s a home, a roof repair is an inconvenience, of course. Calling a roofing company to come out and reinstall shingles or doing it yourself can be a pain. Depending on your level of comfort, it might be worth it to do it yourself. We don’t advise doing-it-yourself as the experts, but some homeowners take the leap.

Route #2: Re-Roofing

It’s common in the industry for a re-roof to become difficult even from a lack of ongoing proper maintenance to warrant that new roof. In essence, foregoing necessary maintenance can create more problems than just a re-roof. It can make the re-roof project far more expensive than it needs to be.

By going with the second route, be advised that it brings you another fork in the road. The next step is determining what to do with your existing roof. Is it better to remove and replace your existing roof with a new one or place a new roof over your existing roof? We’ll discuss each option briefly with pros and cons to give you our best-informed advice possible. Again, you are faced with the time vs. cost dilemma—less downtime, less money, more risk up front OR more downtime, more money, less risk up front? Let’s help you decide.

If you have a home in question with one layer of shingles, it may be wise to add another layer of protection. If you have a home in question with two layers of shingles, you have your answer. “The International Residential Code (R907.3) says that you cannot put a new roof over two or more applications of any type of roof covering.” — Source: Bob Vila.

If you’re working with a business, warehouse or other commercial-scale roofs, you should consider the timeline of your property. It might be better to do a repair job now to extend the life and/or buy you time to budget for a larger, necessary re-roof down the road.

Our Best Advice

Consider the future, first. Is your business going to be yours for a long time? If yes, it’s probably worth it for you to go on one of the second routes to ensure long-term protection. On the other hand, do you plan on selling your business or home soon? If that’s the case, it may be easier to forego the decision and let the future buyers decide how to overcome the obstacle.

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