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Fortune Favors The Bold

“In 8th grade, I brought my skateboard to school for a website project that would stand out from the rest. My principal, Mr. Read, confiscated my skateboard and called my mother and me in for a meeting the following day. I left the room and Mr. Read pulled my mother aside and told her, “Your son is a diamond in the rough; you should be very proud.” I heard this story years later and realized what an immense compliment that was. Now, I’m searching for those types of people in my life.”

Justin J. Ulrich hails from Baltimore, Maryland where he worked in the automotive industry throughout high school and college. Although the automotive field was not related to his degree, he still gained valuable real world experience. After graduating from Loyola University Maryland in 2010, he was recruited by a vehicle management company. This new position eventually brought Justin’s career to a crossroads. From there, he wisely chose the path less traveled and seized opportunities at the right time.

Justin immediately jumped on the opportunity to leave Maryland. His entry into marketing fell into his lap over a Facebook message. Presently, he maintains a healthy balance around writing and creating his body of work. He works within the fields he’s passionate aboutmarketing, development and media production.

His interests in photography, video graphics and special effects run deep. They made their way to the surface and are showcased in various parts of his website. Currently, Justin divides his time between family and friends, a full-time job and writing. Still, he devotes his time to a healthy lifestyle centered around traveling, exercising and quality people.

Never Busy | Always Productive

For Justin, it’s about making the time to create his body of work.

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Claire Austen, a troubled girl in her late 20s, struggles through life with an undiagnosed mental condition. With the help of a well-known psychiatrist and a young man named Aaron, Claire dives headlong into her problems. In efforts to treat herself, Claire falls into a reality wherein she is preyed upon by Sierra, her living doppelgänger. With lust as her modi operandi, Sierra instills fear in Claire and her companion by forcing them to a breaking point; both of them start questioning their identities and their realities. With aspects of their lives uprooted, her doppelgänger comes between Claire and Aaron in more ways than one as she selfishly chases what she truly desires: affection.


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GANGER: The Vlog

They say truth is stranger than fiction. Even though this is fiction, there are some truthful parts to the plot. Specifically, there are locations based around events from the story line. Watch the behind-the-scenes vlog Justin filmed himself on a trip to Baltimore.

Somewhat secluded by the reservoir on a 120-year-old property exists a gem buried in the woods. A 20-minute walk along the foot trails in the hills of Hunt Valley, Maryland (just outside Cockeysville) will bring you there. Welcome to the realest part of GANGER.


What kind of man is Jordan Graver and what will he learn from forcing himself out of his comfort zone?

Will he find cause to fly to Saudi Arabia to see his entrepreneurial ideas flourish in person?

Stay tuned to learn about Jordan and the real life Carrie Mathison.

Documenting The Process

There’s far more to the process than you think.

Behind Blue Eyes

Uncover details about the process, the challenges and the victories of writing. Just as intriguing as the novels themselves is Justin’s path to writing and everything he’s absorbed along the way.

Living The Path Less Traveled

Recently, I was cleaning my kitchen when I noticed it was 12:45pm. The oven clock was in front of me, yet I never paid attention. I thought to myself, “I wonder who else has the freedom to do the same thing right now?” Then I really let my mind wander off: not many...

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No More Television, No More “Idiot Box”

Back to early 2015, I started making small cuts in order to live more frugally. I wanted to live a more efficient lifestyle. The first small cut was getting rid of my cable and only paying for internet. I looked at the bill every month and said to myself. “This is...

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